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Have you ever noticed how a scent can transfer your memory to another time and space? Whether it's the smell of freshly baked pie or the greenery from the summer garden .. Candle Story scents are as graceful and emotional as nature itself.

Our candles are born out of love for family and unity. They are designed to inspire precious moments and memories. Our motto is “Candle Story candles for happy people” because happiness fills your home when you light our candles.

We understand how important an ecological composition is for each of our products, therefore we use only healthy ingredients. We pour, label and pack each candle by hand before it leaves our studio.
It took us years to perfect our candle recipe. Only our team knows the special recipe, which makes it a “family secret”.

We have expanded our range and created even more real joys for you: organic soaps according to old recipes, diffusers for home and cars, massage candles and bath salts, solid aromatherapy perfumes anytime, anywhere. We are happy to create products that inspire, delight and bring a bit of luxury into the life of every Candle Story owner!


confess your love to your home and family with Candle Story scents


25 premium fragrances, 12 candle series, home, car and aromatherapy fragrances


sets from 19.99 euros are ideal for any occasion and any person

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"Hello! I received a parcel) I am delighted! The aromas are wonderful! Such natural and unobtrusive ones, I am very sensitive to smells and I can hardly stand many aromas, but yours turned out to be one of the few that I want to feel constantly - thank you very much!"


I looked and chose your candles for a very long time, but it was a whole problem to decide on the scent. The design of the candle from the "Pur & Natural" series won me over at first sight, and the Viva scent turned out to be light, unobtrusive, moderately sweet. And what aesthetic pleasure I get looking at her and listening to the scent ?! I just can't tell you, thank you very much !!! Now I want to try other flavors!


This is the love of the first scent)) I was especially surprised by the candle with the aroma of spring tea, it is generally awesome. For home, this is magic, it’s like I’m in a flower paradise, although flower aromas do not attract me much, but this is something. Straight summer in the house, the sun after the rain. I don't know how else to describe it, but I fell in love so much that it's a pity to light it) I want to dress in this fragrance or drown in this jar straight


Hello! Everything is great! A very pleasant lavender aroma in an aroma sachet, I put it in all the cabinets and now it is a pleasure to open them, I immediately felt a very delicate aroma of V, I gave several hearts to my mother, she is also delighted, thank you very much, I will definitely order something else


Hello! The aromas of the candles are rich and you feel that they are made of pure soy wax (I tried different ones). I must say, you surprised me with the level of workmanship and how it was packaged !! and a wonderful gift for sasha! Thanks! I will recommend you to everyone I know.


Received! Everything is just gorgeous! Especially the candle with the aroma of currants impressed, it's really like the currant bush Sasha is also very fragrant, but in general everything is cool. Thank you for another portion of pleasant emotions!


Good day! I received a parcel today, thank you very much, the smell is amazing, it’s even impossible to choose which one you like the most, everything is just super - good luck and success to you! I hope I will come back to you for shopping.


Today the courier delivered the order! To say that delighted is to say nothing! I was very worried, because I often bought fragrances for the house and did not like the smells. But today love happened! Spring tea is the aroma of summer, grass, nature, childhood ... Amore is great!


Good day ! Took the order! Thanks for the present! The scents are just magic, all amazing! I can't even say which one I like more in its own way! Thank you very much, I am now your regular customer!

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